Our Story

Wondering Where On Earth
We Got The Name Bahati?

Bahati means "Lucky" in Swahili.
Sipping tea can often lead to moments of peace, tranquility, and reflection. It is in these moments a person can feel truly lucky, truly blessed.  It's this feeling we want to share with tea-lovers everywhere.

We invite you to pour your favorite gourmet loose leaf tea blend or experiment with a new one. Take time out to ponder life's journey and know that you are Bahati.

How Our Story Began

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away......

Wait. Nope. That is definitely not our story.  Ours is much more recent than all that and definitely closer to home.

We begin in the center....quite literally.... in the Springfield, Missouri area located closely to the middle of the United States. Here we discover a brave and clever soldier looking to find an investment opportunity.  This soldier has served for more than fifteen years in a multitude of essential capacities, including missions overseas in Iraq and Germany to name just a few. We will simply call him Sergeant Jones.

As luck would have it, Sergeant Jones happened upon a single mother named Briana Johnson, who was looking for an investor with whom she could start her own business. She was tired of the normal rat race and wanted a chance to take the reins in her own life. She had many professional and world experiences that would qualify her for a number of opportunities, but she struggled to find the right one to pursue.

Through many weeks of collaborations the two individuals decided to open a tea business. Sergeant Jones knew about herbal compounds, the power of herbs, and was raised on herbal knowledge through his mother and Jamaican culture.  Briana was a certified herbalist and actively practiced herbology for the health and wellbeing of herself, her children and numerous friends and family members.  She was already in the habit of making flavorful and nutritious teas on a daily basis. She was more than confident with over a decade of herbal experience under her belt.

The original idea was to open a tea shop where people could sit and enjoy fantastic hand-crafted, local teas.  Then the idea expanded to allow a performance space for the local high school children and others from the community to share their love of art, music, comedy, and other performing arts with the public. 

The two partners acquired a building to rent close to the high school and they began the construction infill process. A little more than a month into the project and black mold was located in several places within the building. Construction came to a screeching halt. It became quite clear that this venue would no longer work due to the issues with excess water from the leaky roof and sidewalls, and the landlords' unwillingness to communicate with their new tenants. 

Crushed, Briana and Sergeant Jones had to re-think their business strategy. Large amounts of money were now sunk into a project they could not finish, and there was not enough money to completely start over on a similar concept. 

This is a pivotal moment for the two........wait for it........

They could have both given up at this point, but instead they decided to essentially create two home offices, one for all the paperwork and one for the tea creations, as they moved to a wholesale business.  Within their first month they had secured two retail health food locations that wanted to sell their teas. The next month there was another. After that Briana began meeting with companies that wanted to serve her gourmet teas through their hospitality serves and restaurants. Things were on a roll for this bright new start-up!

Enter:  Covid-19, AKA - Corono Virus of 2020

With many businesses and venues shut down and all events cancelled, business slowed down substantially for the small tea company. Hospitality services and most restaurants no longer had a need to add additional products since they no longer had the customer base they once had. The interest shifted to grocery store chains and an easy to use e-commerce platform for retail customers. 

Since then, Bahati Teas have been reviewed and rated by many tea reviewers and customers alike. The tea blends are a hit! Our "Double Spice Chai" has even been featured in "Tea Time Magazine" as a favorite chai in their November/December 2020 issue. 

So, what is next for the small tea company? Getting the word out regarding our fabulous teas is now our main goal.  The premise behind the blends is that everyone should have access to high-quality, flavorful teas that are affordable and accessible to the masses. Won't you help us spread the word?

We are looking for new customers for our e-commerce website, but also stores who wish to purchase our teas wholesale by the pound or in our convenient pouches to sell to their own customers.  Please spread the word to tea-drinkers and store owners alike.  We appreciate your patronage, your love, your support, your reviews.  Thank you, and know that you are Bahati!

Briana Johnson and Sargant Jones each share fifty percent ownership in Bahati Tea Company.  They are proud that the tea company is Woman-Owned, Black American Owned and Veteran Owned.

Briana Johnson is also a podcaster and author. You can find more about her other endeavors on her personal website: https://www.iambrianajohnson.com/