Frequently asked questions

What are the recommended steeping temperatures for Bahati Teas?

Below is a recommended chart pertaining specifically to OUR gourmet loose leaf tea blends. We found that the fresh and potent ingredients found in our teas require lower temperatures and less time to steep to produce the best flavors and healthful properties. Black tea, 5-7 mins @ 175-180 degrees
Oolong, 4-6 mins @ 175-185 degrees
Green tea, 2-4 mins @ 175 degrees
White, 2-4 mins @ 165 degrees
Herbal, 5-10 mins @ 175 degrees to Boiling
Rooibos, 5-6 mins @ 175 degrees

What would you recommend for a person who has never made loose leaf teas before?

Here are a few steeping tips 1. Never place herbs to boil in a tea kettle.
​Boil the water first. Remove water from heat and add to a steeper or tea cup where the tea blend has been prepared. Boiling the tea blend can "cook" the leaves and herbs making your tea bitter and removing all the nutritional qualities.

​2. Remove tea leaves and herbs after recommend steeping time.
​Steeping for longer than the recommended amount of time may leave your tea too strong, bitter, or over "cooked".

​3. Know your base.
The base of your tea is the major ingredient in your tea. It is usually listed first on the ingredients list and usually represents the largest quantity in your tea blend. Steeping instructions should be followed by the base ingredient. Delicate plants like white teas and florals should be steeped at a lesser temperature for less time than root plants, which will need hotter temperatures and longer steeping times. Trial and error is often needed to extract the most nutritional content and best aromatic flavors​.

4. Double Steep
If you are using fresh, good-quality herbs, you can brew more than one cup using the tea blend from your first steep. Simply follow the same instructions to enjoy a second cup of your fresh brew. The second cup will be slightly milder, but still full of flavor and nutrients.

Is it possible for other stores to carry Bahati Tea Company's gourmet loose leaf teas?

Yes, absolutely! We are continually in search of retailers, restaurants, bars, etc who would like to add our teas to their product line or as a base to other great concoctions. We can provide our current line of great teas at a wholesale rate or even create new blends per request for an additional fee. Our teas can be used as a base for desserts, sodas, and cocktails. Wholesale prices can be obtained by emailing us at BahatiTeaCompany@gmail. There is no sign-up fee and no minimum purchase requirement.

Do all retail store locations carry the full Bahati Tea Company line of teas?

Our retail venders carry a select group of teas that they believe will sell best at their individual locations. For a listing of the products they sell, please contact them directly. Our full line of products can be purchased via our e-commerce site. Orders can also be purchased over the phone by calling 417.619.8818.