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Contains caffeine.


The smoky rich flavor of Chun Mei meets a hint of mint in this delightful green tea blend. The marigold petals add a touch of colorful delight.



Star K Kosher Certified

Chun Mei Mint

  • Chun Mei Green Tea, Peppermint, Marigold Petals.

  • For best results, use 1-1.5 teaspoon of the tea to 8 oz of hot | 175°F distilled water.  This is a delicate green tea, water at boiling point 212°F/100°C will destroy the nutrients and give the tea a bitter flavor. Steep for 2-4 minutes. 

    For cold tea, let steep in room tempature water until flavors infuse, at least 3 hours. Cold tea can be stored in the refrigerator but will greatly lose potency over time.

    * To maximize the benifit of this tea, it can be double steeped.

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