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Contains Caffeine


A black and fruity blend accented with cinnamon chips and rose petals. This tea is has a fruity taste sensation with a rosey twist. Sip your way to Paradise with our  black tea blend featuring apple piecesand orange peel. We have blended together a bold black base, rose petals and natural flavoring to create this incredibly fruity | floral tea. Our Comparing Apples to Oranges is not overly floral though you can appreciate the light hint of rose. The first thing you will notice when you open the package of Comparing Apples to Oranges is the heady aromatic sweet  scent of juicy oranges, sweet apples, and gentle cinnamon. 


Black tea drinkers have a 50% less risk of heart disease! Black tea is known to prevent diabetes, by reducing and balancing blood sugar levels. Once steeped, the deep maroon infusion has a heady peach aroma. The bold black tea is a wonderful partner for the light citrus zing of orange, the blend ends with gentle floral notes. Heavenly by the fireplace at any time of year!


Star K Kosher Certified

Comparing Apples to Oranges