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This premixed Matcha blend consists of Grade 1 organic Matcha green tea picked during the first harvest, combined with natural raspberry flavor and cane sugar. Matcha tea is prized for its wide range of health benefits, and contains naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which can all contribute to overall wellness and mental wellbeing.Our Blueberry Matcha Grade 1 Premix is pre sweetened with natural cane sugar, and contains no artificial colorings, preservatives or chemical additives. Naturally organic, Our's top quality Raspberry Matcha blend is not only delicious but good for you too!

Raspberry Matcha Pre-Mix

  • 1st grade Matcha Powder, Natural Raspberry Flavor, Cane Sugar.

  • Take matcha tea, bowl, sifter, bamboo scoop and whisk: - Sift 1 matcha scoop (1/2 teaspoon) matcha directly into the bowl - Add 70-90ml of hot water (under boiling, 75C/175F) - Whisk rapidly back and forth until matcha is dissolved - Drink immediately **** MAKE MATCHA LATTE: - Add 1 tea spoon of matcha directly into the mug - Add 1/3cup boiling water to your mug filled with matcha and whisk until the matcha appears to be dissolved - Heat 2/3cup milk until steaming - Finally, pour the heated milk into your mug with the matcha and add sugar or honey to taste.

    Note: If Whisk is not aviable a good ole stir with a spoon would suffice.

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