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Treasured Earth

Treasured Earth


2 oz. bag by volume, approximately 33 servings of 1 tsp each

4 oz. bag by volume, Approximately 84 servings of 1 tsp each


*This tea can be double steeped


Ingredients: yerba mate, lemon grass, lemon balm, lemon peel, rooibos, fennel, elder flowers.


Contains Caffeine


Open meadows with long waving stocks of tall grass, dotted with golden vegetation, that is what comes to mind when sipping this tea. It has an earthy, gypsy soul vibe. Slightly tangy notes followed by a gentle smoothness.


For best results, use one half to one full teaspoon of the tea blend to 8 oz of hot distilled water. Do not use boiling water. This will damage the nutrients and give the tea an undesirable flavor. Steep for 4-5 mins.


Star K Kosher Certified