Tea Review for Rising With The Sun 
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Tea Reviews by Shelini Kalladeen

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A tea named ‘Greener on the Other Side’  with savory herbs sounded so intriguing. It can make for some really lovely blends, so when I saw this green tea contained both rosemary and sage, I was very excited to try it. ‘Greener on the Other Side’ contains gunpowder green tea, rosemary, sage, safflower, rose petals, with lemon and rose flavor. Aesthetically it is a very pretty tea - the green tea leaves are spiraled, and you can see the bits of rosemary and fuzzy sage in the blend. The bright safflower and rose petals pop against the tea, which you can see from my photos. When I first opened the package, the aroma of the herbs was the first thing to hit my nose. After brewing the smell was a little deeper but still very heavy on the rosemary and sage. Sipping the tea, the herbaceous notes are there - I smell rosemary, but the sage is the more prominent flavor, in the best kind of way.  The earthy, peppery flavors go nicely against the brightness of the green tea and lemon, but while sipping the brew hot I didn't taste the rose, which I would have loved. That flavor is probably too delicate to withstand the stronger flavors. I did try this chilled with a little honey (in all honesty, it got cold when I got busy between work and the kids - working mama life) and in that case, the lemon and rose really came out beautifully while the savory notes felt balanced and refreshing. While delicious hot, I think I prefer this tea iced, so I intend to do a big batch of iced tea properly with sprigs of fresh rosemary and slices of lemon. I really enjoyed the unique flavors! I encourage tealovers looking for a different kind of tea to try this blend!

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Tea Review by Tea Enthusiast Dana DeStefano
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Customer Reviews

apples to oranges

Comparing Apples to Oranges

This tea is really good, it's like a smoother chai. I like it hot or cold with a little bit of honey.
-Nikki B