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Who Qualifies For Wholesale Prices?

We currently sell our products wholesale to legitimate businesses across the United States. To qualify you will need to submit tax filing information from the state the business is organized in.  There are no minimum purchase requirements at this time. 


*Restaurants, Cafes & Delis

*Health Markets & Grocery Stores

*Gift shops & Boutiques

*Hospitality Services

*Hotels and Spas

*And many others

Products and Services We Provide to Other Businesses

Our Current Selection of Gourmet Loose Leaf Tea Blends

Our signature teas are packaged and ready for your store shelves with many sizing options available. For your convenience, you may also purchase these blends by the pound if you intend to brew the teas prior to serving, or if you would like to use your own packaging and labeling.

Monthly tea service can also be arranged for offices, churches, hospitality, restaurants, and more. This would include the flavors and amounts you and your organization or business will need of our single-serve tea bags.

Base Teas, Herbs & Spices

If you create your own blends in-house, sell other herbs and spices, or even create products using these ingredients, our selection of herbs, spices, and base teas are a great way to cut costs. Compare our prices to your current supplier for the best deals. Each of our products are Kosher Certified. This list is available upon request.

Recipe Duplication

Do you currently have a tea supplier for your business but would like to cut costs? It may be possible for Bahati Tea Company to create a similar blend from our ingredients at a lesser price. There is a service fee for the hours spent mastering the blend(s) for you. After that, you will pay the wholesale price just like you would for any of our other teas.

Exclusive Tea Blend Creations

Exclusive tea blends are created for you using your desired flavors or health benefits. These can easily be your new in-house specialty teas. There is a service fee for the hours spent mastering the blend(s) for you and an additional fee to reserve the tea recipe for sale solely at your location. After that, you will pay the wholesale price just like you would for any of our other teas.

Free Marketing Options

1) Tea Tasting Events

This option is available to all locations that partner with us to sell our gourmet loose leaf tea blends or to serve any of our teas hot or cold to customers.  After a purchase has been made, we work with you to choose the right date and time to co-host a tea tasting event for customers to try before they buy. We bring the teas, the electric kettles, cups, napkins, tables, and our company sign. We post the event on our website, Facebook page, and Instagram page prior to the date. Additional tea tasting events are possible throughout the year to promote additional foot traffic.

2) Promote Your Location

Companies who join the Bahati Tea Family have the option to be featured on the "Locations" page of our website. Additional posts may be seen on our Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or YouTube accounts.

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